Tips for students IIT JEE exam preparations

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Indian Institute of Technology – Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) is one of the toughest engineering exams. Students have to dedicate months of preparation to crack this exam. absolutely, good supervision is needed to secure a decent score in JEE. though, there are a lot of students in this era who consider in their own abilities and aptitude.

So, here are some tips and tricks that students must follow to crack IIT JEE exam:

Be alert:

First of all, you should be spiritually prepared and keep a positive approach towards your goal. These days, the rivalry has become so high, you need to give a marvelous effort spiritually and physically. You must raise your level of presentation to be able to crack the exam.

Relevant study material:

You should know the whole syllabus that will be covered in the exam; so that you can collect study material for preparation. orientation to good guide books and previous years question papers for JEE will go a long way into your planning.

Proper use of time:

You must follow a strict timetable to use your time in the best way. resolve more and more problems, find out more and more new tricks. You should make notes for the topics in which you are weak. This will help you to carry out well in exam.

Interact with JEE experts:

Keep in touch with the students who have cleared JEE test so that you can get a better guidance. They will let you know about Do’s and Don’ts for JEE test.

Group study:

Working with a spirited study group goes a very long way in the successful training of IIT-JEE. Group discussion with teachers and fellow students will recreate a helpful environment to multiply your knowledge exponentially. Students can Quiz and confront each other with questions from the IIT-JEE syllabus.

Revise carefully:

You should revise the syllabus as many times as you can. Doing so will help you in the following ways:

  • It will increase your test-taking speed.
  • It will help you beat panic.
  • It will give you a clear picture about the topics you’re weak in.

Eat & sleep well:

Having a good diet is as much necessary as studying. Your brain needs usual energy from food to work efficiently. You must have at least 8 hours of proper sleep to relax your brain.

It is forever better to start early and revise towards the end to come from end to end with flying colours !!


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